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15th Nov 2017

This Is The Exact Age You’re Most Likely To Have A Quarter-Life Crisis


The G&Ts are drying up, the hangovers are getting worse, and suddenly everyone you know is getting married: all factors that would give even the sanest of us a crisis.

While mid-life crisis is well known, having a quarter-life crisis is pretty common too. 

Is your 27th birthday creeping up? If so, you might wanna watch out for crisis mode…

A study by LinkedIn found that 72% of young professionals in the UK have experienced a crisis at 26.9 years old.

As if you thought being a teenager was stressful enough, it’s actually the late twenties that you really figure out what stress means.

Main worries were not having a job that we’re passionate about (57%), stress about getting onto the property ladder (57%) and the pressure of finding a life partner (46%).

And the worst thing? The average crisis lasts 11 MONTHS.

Jesus. We’re looking forward to 27 even less than 30.

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