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17th Nov 2017

This One Date In December Is The Most Popular Day Of The Year To Get Engaged


While there are several cliche days throughout the year where it seems that tonnes of marriage proposals take place, apparently the most popular day to get engaged is coming up pretty soon.

Many would propose on an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or even at Christmas or the New Year – but it turns out December 23rd is the most popular day.

Wedding planning website, broke down the number of engagements last year and found that the month of December was the most popular time for couples to get engaged.

Will you find a ring under the Christmas tree this year?

They estimate that 100,000 proposals are very likely to occur over this Christmas period, particularly around the week of December 19th.

A spokesperson for the website spoke to Harper’s Bazaar about the increase in proposals around the festive period and said that “last year almost one fifth of all proposals that year took place in the month of December, and the Christmas week was when the highest number took place.

“This year Christmas Day falls on a Monday, and so we expect to see a similar pattern with a large fraction of engagements on Saturday 23rd December and Sunday 24th December.”

So there you have it, you or someone could be getting engaged pretty soon!

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