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07th Mar 2019

This New App Will Change The Way We Apply For Jobs Forever

Alan Fisher

I have always hated trying to fix up my CV when I’m looking for a job.

Not only does it add extra stress but I never feel really happy with it, like it’s not properly showing off my personality.

I’d rather meet an employer face to face and let them see my personality but sometimes we never get to that stage.

This app brings you a step closer.

Pineapple helps people get hired for customer facing jobs based on their personality and not their CV.

It uses a story format similar to Instagram or Snapchat to replace traditional job posts and CVs. The result is a much more engaging and personal way of hiring and getting hired.

Candidates and businesses can message each other on the app and businesses can send calendar invites to candidates to schedule meetings.

I would be more than happy to scrap a traditional, boring CV and bring life to my profile to on Pineapple.

This is definitely the way of the future.

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