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21st Nov 2017

This Pub In Cork Is Celebrating Black Friday With €1 Pints Of Stout

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Black Friday hits our shores this week, as the American tradition of slashing prices, commercialising holidays and stampeding through anyone who gets in our way takes over.

Prices on electrical items, clothing and even cars are expected to drop hugely for the day, and even weekend, but this is one item we never thought we’d see reduced in price. 

The Ensign Bar and Lounge in Monkstown, County Cork have announced that this year, if you pop into their pub after noon this Friday and order a pint of Murphy’s, the black beverage will only set you back €1.

It’s a Black Friday miracle!

However, terms and conditions do apply – as it’s only the first 100 pints of Murphy’s that it applies to. So if you’re keen to get a particularly cheap pint this Friday – you better be prepared.

Early lunchtime tipple, perhaps?

The Ensign Bar is located at 7 De Vesci Pl, Ringacoltig, Monkstown, Co. Cork.

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