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26th Jan 2017

This RTÉ Weather Presenter Caused Mass Confusion Last Night

James Fenton

Ahh, weather presenters. Where would we be without them? Feckin’ soaking wet and freezing in nothing but a pair of shorts for the most part.

Joanna Donnelly is one such hero but last night she caused mass confusion with her RTÉ weather forecast sign-off:

“Good night, Mary? Wha?” were the words uttered on couches up and down the country.

Of course, there was a reasonable explanation as Joanna was merely paying tribute to American actress Mary Tyler Moore who passed away yeasterday.

After the broadcast, she took to Twitter to apparently clarify the situation:

Ahhhhhhh. NOW we get it.


Joanna has previous for this as she paid tribute to legendary musician Prince after his sudden death last year: