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06th Jul 2017

This Subject Needs To Be Taught In Irish Schools According To Teachers

James Fenton

The teachers have spoken.

A new survey conducted by One4All has found that one in four Irish educators would like to see Mindfulness added to the curriculum in this country. They feel that the practice would help students deal with daily stress. 

Other results found that Maths is the most enjoyable subject to teach ahead of English and Irish.

Meanwhile, 30% of the 618 teachers surveyed felt that patience was the most important attribute to possess in the job. 

Almost half saying seeing a student trying hard but struggling was the most difficult part of the job while 44% said helping students be the best they can be was the most rewarding part.

Finally, a simple ‘thank you’ from students is the thing that makes teachers feel most appreciated.

You heard it here first, kids. 

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