This Week's Weather Forecast Might Be The Best One Since Last Summer's Scorching Heatwave

Some sweet, sweet vitamin D

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Ahhh, the heatwave of 2018. Back when it was acceptable to eat ice-cream for breakfast and practically walk around in the nip.

It all seems a long time ago at this stage but it looks like this week could bring the first signs that winter is coming to an end and things are about to brighten up. Following last week's freezing temperatures, it looks it's going be (get this) MILD this week.

That's right, the experts suggest that the coming week will bring 'somewhat milder than average temperatures for the time of year' with highs of around 13 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday.

However, there is some bad news as 'current indications suggest a cold front will track eastwards over the country on Friday bringing outbreaks of rain to most areas during the day.'

Can't win 'em all. For the most part, it sounds like a welcome change after a ropey enough start to February. A more detailed outlook can be found here.

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