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15th Mar 2022

Tom Duffy of Duffy’s Circus has died at age 92

Katy Thornton

tom duffy circus died

The Irish “Greatest Showman” has taken his final bow.

Growing up in early 2000s Dublin, I saw the name Duffy’s Circus everywhere. The circus set up most years near my house in Goatstown, and I secretly think our cat (Duffy) was named after it. It was a name known to all of my friends – one could hardly think of the word circus without also thinking of Tom Duffy.

Unfortunately today, Tom Duffy’s family took to the circus’ Instagram page to let people know that the founder had sadly died in his sleep at the age of 92. According to The Independent, Duffy recovered from cancer twice, as well as Covid in 2020.

In their candid Instagram post, the Duffy family describe what Tom meant to the circus industry in this country, stating:

Tom Duffy’s Circus carries the name with pride, a nod to the past and a beacon for the future. As we look now to the future without our namesake, we know that we shall strive to continue to make him proud, with advances in technology and innovation whilst maintaining a true respect for the traditional Art form of Circus.”

As for any upcoming shows, the caption stated these would go on as scheduled. Like any true showman, Tom’s wish was that, “the show must go on.

Tom Duffy’s Circus began in 1979, and since then has become a name familiar and beloved by the Irish public. Tom’s legacy will surely last in the hearts and memories of those who visited his circus over the years.

Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.

Header image via Instagram/duffyscircus

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