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07th Feb 2017

Trump’s Immigrant Ban Has Resulted In Irish Graduates Being Refused Visas


President Donald Trump’s clampdown on immigrants, or ‘Muslim ban’, has already had a knock-on effect on Irish students, as the staff of top Irish food companies have already been sent back home to Ireland.

According to the Irish Independent, Aaron Forde, the chairman of Ornua, spoke at the Brexit conference last week and said that five Ornua graduates have already been refused visas by the US immigration service since Trump’s ban.

”It’s the first time that we’ve ever had this problem in nearly 30 years doing business in the US. It’s been very disappointing for us and the first sign of a very different regime.”

As well as that, two staff already stationed Stateside were both initially refused a renewal of their visas. However, they have since succeeded in securing their required documents.

An Ornua spokes-person told the Farming Independent that the situation was likely to become even more serious than it already was, as more staff visas are due for renewal over the next short while. 

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