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23rd Dec 2018

There Was A Very Awkward End To This RTÉ Interview With Famous Irish Musician Live On Air

Darragh Berry

When she decided to take a little break from television, we were wondering where we’d get our weekly dose of Miriam O’Callaghan.

And that’s where her weekly radio show comes into play.

Sunday with Miriam is renowned at this stage for bringing in the big stars and conducting big interviews.

She was the first person to get Stephen Rochford talking after he was let go from the Mayo job and this morning, she interviewed a person who is known to be hard to get words out of.

Famous Irish musician, Van Morrison was on the programme. He’s known to be hard work is Van the man and apparently he can be very grumpy and have a very short fuse.

But surprisingly, he was actually sound on the radio this morning. Now, if it was you or I interviewing Van Morrison with a supposed reputation like that, you’d just be happy that the whole thing went off smoothly.

You wouldn’t actually tell him that he was “nice” for once in his life but Miriam did and Twitter started trending…

We’re surprised he didn’t lose the rag at that comment. You can listen to the full interview here.