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Varadkar And Coveney Will Face Off Tonight In The First Of Four Debates

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Ever since Enda Kenny announced last week that he will be stepping down as Fine Gael leader all the talk has been about Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney. 

One of the two will take up the mantle left vacant by Enda but which one do you think is better suited to the role? 

The two will face off today at the Red Cow Hotel in Dublin in the first of four debates which go a long way to deciding who will be our next Taoiseach. 

The whole country (well, anyone with a Facebook account) will be able to watch proceedings live via the official Fine Gael page from 8pm. 

The debate is sure to attract a huge audience as both men set out their plans for the party and indeed the country.

Who do you reckon will finish speaking tonight with the upper hand? Let us know in the comments.

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