VIDEO: This Supermacs Ad Actually Says Sangich Instead Of Sandwich

Only in Ireland...

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Yep, you read right. 

Rural Ireland's answer to McDonald's, Supermacs, has gone and done it again with this stellar video, highlighting where their produce comes from, while making us guffaw in the meantime. 

The video follows Supermacs founder Pat McDonagh and Limerick chicken farmer Tim Scanlon chat about the importance and integrity of providing 100% fresh Irish chicken, and how proud they are of that fact. 

Great news right? 

But wait, there's more. Have a look-see at the video below and see if you can hear what we hear...

THAT'S RIGHT. He said sangich!

For those of you who missed it, skip to 0:10. You're welcome.

Until next time, happy eating. 

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