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02nd Jun 2017

WATCH: Mick Conlan Rocked Up On Mexican TV And Hadn’t A Clue What To Be Saying

James Fenton

Boxer Michael Conlan is fast becoming one of Ireland’s most treasured sportspeople as his blossoming professional career continues to rise. 

The Belfast man is also a big football fan and since he’s been spending a lot of time in the States recently, he turned up to support the Republic of Ireland when they took on Mexico in New Jersey last night. 

Sporting a green cap and jersey in support of the lads, Conlan was wheeled out on Mexican TV to give his thoughts on proceedings. Topics of discussion included his recent victory over Alfredo Chanez, who hails from Mexico, and the fact that Roy Keane is a legend.

That was about it though as the language barrier got in the way but we reckon his feelings were clear as he declared “Viva Ireland!” to the watching audience in Mexico.

Unfortunately, Conlan’s support wasn’t enough as a makeshift Ireland side faltered 3-1 to their opponents. He seemed to have a decent night out though which is the most important thing. 

Let’s hope the support is returned when Conlan faces Jarret Owen in Australia on June 2. 

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