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29th May 2017

WATCH: The O’Donovans Clearly Aren’t The Only Gas Irish Rowers

James Fenton

If you haven’t been following the rowing this weekend we can tell you that Ireland had a fairly successful time of it. 

More specifically, Skibbereen Rowing Club enhanced its growing reputation as its rowers took home threes medals at the European Championships in Racice, Czech Republic.

The Cork club shot to fame after amicable siblings Gary and Paul O’Donovan took home silver medals from the Rio Olympics last summer and the pair gained international attention for their unorthodox and hilarious post-race interviews.

The lads even made an appearance on Graham Norton’s New Year’s special on the BBC as media organisations queued up to get a piece of their Cork brand of humour. 

It now seems the brothers have some competition in and out of the water as clubmates Mark O’Donovan (no relation as far as we’re aware) and Shane O’Driscoll gave some hilarious interviews of their own after clinching gold in the Men’s Lightweight Pairs finals. Take a look: 

The boys also crashed the interview of Denise Walsh who had just secured a silver medal of her own. 

Denise had just proved herself a true Irishwoman by confirming that the lucky socks in question had indeed been bought in Penneys.

While the original gas Irish rowers proved they haven’t gone away by having some more craic after winning silver medals:

While there’s clearly a lot of hard work going on at Skibbereen Rowing Club, the craic in the bar must be feckin’ brilliant. 

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