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22nd Dec 2016

WATCH: These Lads Stayed Overnight In Ikea

Alana Laverty

Ikea is warning people against sleeping overnight in its stores after they close saying that intrusions of this kind amount to trespassing, which is, of course, punishable by law.

Ikea has recorded roughly 10 incidents where people have stayed overnight in the store after closing time in the past year (that they know of). 

The trend apparently kicked off when one group videoed themselves staying overnight in Ikea. They even watched Netflix!

Could ya be bothered?

I’d choose my own bed over a cold, unslept-in, Ikea bed any day of the week. 

The Swedish firm are warning that they cannot guarantee the health and safety of visitors who stay instore after closing time. 

Ikea partnered with Airbnb for a publicity stunt a few years ago in Australia inviting people to stay overnight in their Sydney store. They even listed the store on the homesharing website. 

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