WATCH: This Irish Cancer Survivor Climb And Abseil The Monstrous Sturrall Summit In Donegal

This woman is incredible

On Monday November 28, 2016, bone cancer survivor and long term crutch user Nikki Bradley and mountain expert Iain Miller stood on the summit of one of Ireland's most outrageous headlands.

'The Sturrall’ is one of the most outstanding sea cliff features in Ireland – it's a true monster of a headland sitting isolated and far from the real world. 

The pair set off shortly after 11am and didn’t return to their vehicle until darkness was approaching. The challenge included a 10km trek, abseiling and rock climbing along with negotiating dangerously narrow pathways.

When describing the climb Nikki said it was "an absolutely brilliant day" but marked it as her "toughest challenge in Ireland to date". 

Nikki walks with crutches due to permanent damage caused by radiotherapy and experiences pain daily. 

Check out Nikki's website here to learn more about her journey. 

Video credits: Iain Miller 

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