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31st Jan 2018

We Actually Feel Sorry For Met Éireann After Their Latest Tweet Forecast

Megan Cassidy

Go home Met Éireann, you’re drunk.

Met Éireann is the first thing we check in the morning, and the last thing at night – so close is it to the heart of the nation.

But as much as we depend on it, we’re all too aware that its predictions should be taken with a pinch of salt.

It’s not Met Éireann’s fault, though. The weather in Ireland struggles to make up its mind, meaning that our national forecaster can sometimes come across as a little indecisive.

And whoever’s on duty today is putting in one hell of a tough shift.

Today’s weather report takes the biscuit, with the forecaster predicting a little bit of everything… literally.

There’s sun, showers, rain, thunder, sleet, snow and gusty winds forecast for today, according to their latest tweet.

It reads: ‘Sunshine and showers today, merging to longer spells of rain at times, with a risk of hail and thunder, and occasionally falling as sleet with snow. Temperatures of 4 to 7 degrees, in strong and gusty west to northwest winds reaching gale force along exposed coasts.’

There may not be high temperatures predicted, but Met Éireann sure is getting roasted online.

One Reddit user commented: ‘Irish weather is essentially the drunk girl at a house party. Crying on the stairs on minute, hugging some randomer until that song that is ‘all about her’ comes on.’

Another simply said ‘The most Irish forecast ever’.

We genuinely feel sorry for the lads and lassies trying to get to grips with the Irish skies. Not an easy task by any stretch.

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