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We Spend A LOT Of Time Moaning In The Office A New Survey Has Revealed

By AmyBell

September 1, 2017 at 10:04am


There's nothing worse than when you're about to pack up and leave after a long day of work and just when you're heading out the door, the dreaded phone rings.

Should you ignore it?

Or will you just curse the person who is calling you and go back and answer it, nicely of course.

This is just one of the many struggles and complaints we have when at work. 

A new survey in the UK has revealed the little things that we all are guilty of complaining about.

The poll commissioned by animal charity, SPANA, showed that we spend a lot of time moaning. And we think it's quite true, right?

It found that a typical office worker spends the equivalent of 2 weeks a year grumbling and complaining in work. 7 in 10 admitted that they feel irritable in work quite a bit. 

While 52% said the little things can go and ruin their whole day. 

Sounds about right!

Two thirds of people said they wouldn't confront a colleague who was annoying them and would rather just complain and not say anything at all.

While 6 in 10 people would complain about their 'crazy workload' but wouldn't dare say anything to their boss about it. 

The top 5 complaints and grumbles on the list were:

1. Getting a phone call when you’re about to leave the office

2. Slow computers

3. IT issues

4. Office too hot/cold

5. No air con

Do you know anyone who moans a lot in work? 

Tag them below!

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