Feeling The Chill? The Weather Is About To Take A Turn For The Worse

We don't like the sound of this forecast...

Rainy Umbrella

It seems like only a few days since we were sitting out working on our tans but the winter chill has definitely started to move in.

A few members of the Lovin team have admitted to turning on the heating last night (in August) and Met Éireann has just confirmed that there’s some serious rain on the way.

The national forecaster’s latest update predicts that the rest of the day will be “dull and cloudy with rain and drizzle” in Ulster and Leinster but if you’re lucky enough to be in Munster and Connacht, there may be some sunny spells later.

Temperatures during the day will be between 14 and 18 degrees but will drop by tonight to between 11 and 12 degrees.

“Tomorrow will be mostly cloudy across the north and west with some outbreaks of rain and drizzle. Dry with sunny spells across the south and east,” said a Met Éireann spokesperson.

“Highest temperatures will range from 16 degrees in the northwest to 22 degrees in the southeast, with moderate to fresh west to southwest winds.”

The news isn’t much better on Friday, as a dry start will be followed by rain in western coastal counties by midday. This will spread eastwards during the afternoon and evening but the temperatures will remain between 17 to 20 degrees.

At the moment, things look set to improve for the weekend, with a few scattered showers and temperatures of up to 22 degrees.

Fingers crossed the sun returns before too long.

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