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27th Feb 2020

Ireland could be affected by storm this weekend but there’s some uncertainty about the name

Darragh Murphy

Storm Ireland

There’s been no shortage of stormy weekends in Ireland this year and, apparently, the country could be affected by yet another storm this weekend.

Met Eireann has yet to comment on any potential for a storm in Ireland but the very reliable Carlow Weather has noted that last night’s weather charts show an increased risk of a nasty storm on Saturday.

Carlow Weather added that there is “fairly good agreement on the weather charts that storm will develop and track over us Saturday.”

Up to now, we have all assumed that the next storm would be named Storm Ellen as that is the next on the list of 2020 storm names to be used this year by Met Eireann, The Met Office in the United Kingdom and the KNMI (the Dutch National Weather Service).

Ireland typically follows The Met Office’s lead in naming storms, which has taken place in recent weeks with the naming of Storm Dennis, Storm Ciara and Storm Brendan.

But, interestingly, the Spanish Met Office has already named Saturday’s storm Storm Jorge.

That means that, in all likelihood, Ireland would follow Spain’s lead if a storm is acknowledged in this country.

You might remember that Storm Emma two years ago was named by the Portuguese national weather service.

The Storm Names section of Met Eireann’s website reads: “Once a storm is named by any National Met Service globally, that name is retained if the storm moves into our waters. For example: Ophelia was named by the National Hurricane Center (USA) and Emma by IPMA (Portugal).”