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27th Jan 2020

Plenty of snow fell in the west of Ireland this afternoon

Darragh Murphy

Snow in west of Ireland

So the snow and ice warning for Connacht was justified then…

Plenty of snow fell on counties in the west coast of Ireland on Monday afternoon, with the extent of the wintry showers made clear by a video captured by Ireland West Airport.

A tweet from the airport’s Twitter account read: “The current situation at the airport as heavy snow has impacted our flight schedule this afternoon.

“Our operations team are working to clear the runway but current conditions and continued heavy snowfall are challenging.”

According to the Live Flight Information section of the airport’s website, a number of flights had to be diverted to Dublin due to the snowfall.

AA Roadwatch also warned drivers in Mayo and Galway to exercise caution on the roads as slippery conditions were set to continue into Monday evening.

While the snow and ice warning issued by Met Eireann has since expired, an advisory remains in place for parts of the country.

The advisory from the national forecaster, which is valid until 3pm on Tuesday afternoon, reads: “Cold and wintry weather will develop from Sunday evening.

“Showers of hail, sleet and snow will occur in places. Snow showers most frequent in Ulster and Connacht and especially so on high ground.”

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