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28th Aug 2017

You Can Now Watch The Angelus On RTÉ Player For Some Strange Reason


There’s no doubt that The Angelus is an Irish institution, with many of us brought up to drop everything and pretend to say the Rosary at the sound of that first gong at 6pm.

However, we reckon it’s fair to say that the cultural relevance of The Angelus has declined in recent years and we’re more likely to watching a doc on Netflix than stopping for some solemn reflection in the evening.

That said, RTÉ clearly reckons that it still has a dedicated following who shudder at the thought of missing the latest episode.

If you are one of this silent group, worry not as the State broadcaster has made The Angelus available on RTÉ Player so you can catch up whenever you like.

They may need to work on the titles a bit though, as this Reddit user pointed out!

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