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08th Aug 2017

You’ll Never Guess The Insane Amount RTÉ Spent On Filming Fair City Last Year


Fair City, whether you love it or hate it, is part of the Irish psyche.

The whole country was gripped a few months ago when Katy was kidnapped, and let’s not forget the several other pure scandalous moments the soaps had over the years.

It’s a huge part of Irish TV, and of RTÉ’s budget, it seems.

According to the Irish Independent, the station spent more than €10m filming the soap in 2016.

RTÉ has a budget of €53,500 for each episode, which came to about 200 episodes last year, and €10.7m spent at the end of the year.

A spokesperson told the Independent that the filming costs are lower than previous years, and are significantly less when compared to the popular English soaps.


Do you think it’s worth it?

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