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13th Jan 2022

Zambrero share their condolences for former employee Ashling Murphy

Katy Thornton

Close up image of Ashling Murphy smiling

The Mexican food spot took to Instagram to share their sympathies for the young teacher.

It’s been a difficult 24 hours with the news of Ashling Murphy’s death. She was a 23 year old teacher who was killed while on an afternoon run on Wednesday 12th January. Her young age, as well as the circumstances of her death have sent shock waves around the country. The harrowing statement “she was going for a run” is making it ways around social media, as people grieve Ashling’s untimely loss.

One of the many places that posted about her was Mexican restaurant Zambrero, as Ashling worked in their Tullamore branch in 2020. They took to Instagram to share their condolences.

Their emotive caption states:

It is with profound sadness and devastation that we have learned of the tragic death of our friend and colleague Ashling Murphy.

Ashling was a beloved and much valued member of the ZamFam who was a part of the Zambrero Tullamore team from their opening in September 2020. She was a pleasure to work with and always brought such happiness with her to work.

We send our deepest condolences and prayers to her family, friends and the local community, who have been devastated by her untimely passing.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ashling’s family and friends during this incredibly difficult time.

Header image via Instagram/zambreroireland