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Here’s Our Whopper Irish Quiz Of The Year — Can You Get 100%?

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‘Twas an eventful year on the Emerald Island.

We were battered by storms, witnessed a blossoming bromance between our Taoiseach and Canada’s Prime Minister, saw Conor McGregor make the transition to boxer in sensational style and so much more.

Since most of us are now enjoying some much-needed holiday time, lazing about the house and talking shite with the family, we thought we’d help you pass the time with a little test to see how well you remember the last 12 months in Ireland.

If you’ve been paying close attention to Lovin.ie, this quiz should be a doddle! And if you haven’t? For shame.

Get your family involved to see who’s the most knowledgeable among you… or at least who spends the most amount of time on the internet.

How’d you fare? Tell us your score in the comments and challenge someone else.

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