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The Mighty Spiced Beef Reuben

By lovinmanchester

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


  • Thinly sliced spiced beef
  • Emmental cheese
  • Mayonnaise
  • Tomato ketchup
  • Sauerkraut
  • Sourdough loaf
  • Horseradish sauce

The Reuben is the King of all sandwiches and if you haven't had one yet, you need to sort your life out. This is not the traditional Reuben recipe, I've tweaked it so I can use up some of the festive left overs and cold cuts, in this instance the insanely good spiced beef that often appears at Christmas time.

So if you need something to cheer you up on New Years Day when your head feels like a tramp has thrown up in it, then give this a bounce!


Step 1

All your Reuben essentials...

Ingredients 1

Step 2

This is the heart and soul of the Reuben - the Russian Dressing. Add 2 tbs of mayo, 3 tps horseradish and 1 tbs of tomato ketchup to a bowl (brandy is also an optional ingredient here too).

Reuben Step 1 1

Step 3

Mix well. This is where you can adjust things as you want. The Russian dressing needs to be firey and tart so adjust with the horseradish as you fancy.

Reuben Step 3

Step 4

Carve up some sourdough bread - 4 doorsteps ought to do it!

Reuben Step 4

Step 5

Generously paint the bread with the dressing, do not skimp on this part.

Reuben Step 5

Step 6

Next layer up with the sauerkraut.

Reuben Step 6

Step 7

Then with the spiced beef.

Reuben Step 7

Step 8

The another layer of the ‘kraut.

Reuben Step 8

Step 9

Last layer is a great pile of Emmental cheese - go nuts here, you want this bad boy to ooze.

Reuben Step 9

Step 10

There are two ways you can go about cooking the Reuben. Panning (dry frying) or under a screaming hot grill, I prefer the latter as it's easier to flip the sandwich from side to side. 2-3 minutes on each side will do it, you just want the cheese gooey and the meat warm.

Final 1

Step 11

Eat this and watch your hangover melt away.


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