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05th Mar 2020

10 best areas to look for property in Galway

Brian Dillon

property in Galway

Wondering where to look for property in Galway? These ten areas were super popular amongst house-hunters in 2019.

According to stats provided to us by our mates over at Perfect Property, these were the top ten most popular areas to buy property in Galway.

10. Headford

Located 26 km north of Galway City, there are a fair few things that might attract you to this area.

Headford is rich in archaeological monuments such as prehistoric burial cairns and Iron Age stone enclosures.

The town has a very active GAA club and is also a popular fishing location given its position next to the Black River.

headford property in Galway galway

9. Gort

Heading to the southern part of the county now, we find Gort.

In terms of dining, there’s Jack B Yeats Bistro and O’Grady’s Bar and Restaurant.

For pints, there’s O’Donnel’s and Dicey O’Reilly.

The area is also home to some fab attractions such as Gort Golf Club, Coole Park Visitor Centre and Gardens and Kiltartan Gregory Museum.


8. Renmore

This suburb of Galway City is the ideal mix between urban and rural living. You’re a mere stone throw away from the city centre (15 minutes, to be exact), but it’s also a fairly quiet spot.

It’s home to sports facilities, eateries and schools. Plus, any amenity you don’t find here, you’ll find after a short drive to the city centre.

renmore property in galway

7. Knocknacara

This is definitely one of the newer and more up-and-coming areas to look for property in Galway.

Much like Renmore, it’s close to Galway City Centre without being too close.

Some eateries loved among locals include Seacrest Kafé on Shangort Road and Capone’s and Kingston Road (also makes class cocktails).

6. Salthill

Salthill proved to be popular amongst house-hunters looking for property in Galway as well as tourists in 2019.

What draws people here? Well, it could be the beaches, restaurants, pubs and other family-friendly attractions like the aquarium and arcade.

Being one of the most popular seaside resorts in Ireland, the novelty of living here (especially during summer) never really wears off.

5. Athenry

You’ve heard of the fields of Athenry. But the gaffs are pretty nice as well.

Located 25km east of Galway City, this medieval town has a wonderful community feel and a unique identity, given its rich history.

As well as the historical sites, there are some decent shopping opportunities, restaurants, pubs and sports/fitness facilities.


4. Loughrea

Loughrea is a 40-minute drive from Galway City Centre and was fairly popular amongst those looking for property in Galway.

The town itself has its fair share of elements that gives it a unique identity. If you’re looking to take up a new hobby after moving into the area, there’s a bee-keeping centre. There’s also Dartfield Country Estate and Horse Museum, Turoe Pet Farm and Leisure Park and Slieve Aughty Riding Centre.

Loughrea Lake also makes for a relaxing weekend stroll.

Loughrea in County Galway

3. Oranmore

Located 9km east of Galway City, Oranmore gives you the true feeling you would expect when living in the west of Ireland.

Perched on a stunning Atlantic Bay, you’ll be spoiled for choice with walks and incredible scenic views.

Then in the evening, you can head to one of the pubs for a proper Irish trad session.


2. Ballinasloe

Being one of the largest towns in the county, there are absolutely loads of reasons why Ballinasloe is a class place to look for property in Galway.

There is always some super cool event taking place. Plus, the shopping, eating and drinking are quite good as well.

And the green spaces dotted around the area provide some fab opportunities to stretch those legs and enjoy some fresh air.


1. Tuam

Tuam is another area of Galway steeped in history with added modern elements to make it a great place to live in 2020.

The town has some brilliant pubs such as The Brogue, Reapy’s and Bridge Bar.

While popular restaurants in the town include Cre Na Cille and Corrals Restaurant.

Tuam Galway

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