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The 12 Twists Of Christmas: This Simple Homemade Cocktail Is Drool-Worthy

A bittersweet symphony of mixology

Let's be honest, New Years Eve can often be disappointing.

The key is to be organised but sometimes with the hustle, bustle and busy pace of the Christmas break, planning for the last day of the year can be forgotten about.

Don't feel bad about it, we've all done it.

Trying to book a nice restaurant? Booked out.

Trying to get into a club? It's full.

Trying to find anywhere? Nope.

I know the struggle.

In a situation like this, the only thing to do is to... stay at home?

Does that sound like a nightmare?


Hey, it doesn't have to be. You can celebrate with your nearest and dearest, eat what you want, wear what you want, dance your socks off and best of all, you can make some deadly homemade cocktails.

Now before you get stressed about searching the web aimlessly for quick, simple and easy cocktails - take a breather, I got you.

Welcome to The 12 Twists Of Christmas with Schweppes!

The ultimate cocktail guide for the festive season.

Each week I've been sharing with you my favourite cocktail recipes that are easy to make from the comfort of your own home.

This week's cocktail is the stunningly nutty Choc & Grain.

It's made from the flavoursome Teeling Single Malt whiskey, walnut bitters, sweet vermouth and stirred with lemon juice, then strained over ice and topped up with Schweppes 1783 Muscovado Dark Spirit Mixer. A fresh orange twist completes this bittersweet sensation.

You'll be the host/hostess with the most-ess if you rock out with a few glasses of this bad boy.

It's the little things, like homemade treats and cocktails that make a New Years Eve party special.

Here's how to make it:


• 50ml Teeling Single Malt whiskey

• 2 dashes walnut bitters

• 25ml sweet vermouth

• 10ml lemon juice

• 50ml Schweppes 1783 Muscovado Dark Spirit Mixer

Garnish: orange twist

For party season, minimal prep time is key. You'll want to spend all the time you have catching up with friends and family - not stuck in the kitchen.

This cocktail is quick, simple and effective.

Here's everything you need to know:


Mix the Teeling Single Malt whiskey, sweet vermouth, walnut bitters and lemon juice in a Boston glass and stir well. Strain into an ice-filled rocks glass and top up with Schweppes 1783 Muscovado Dark Spirit Mixer.

To garnish: take a large peel of orange. Trim, taper and twist. Gently stir again and place in the glass.

Start the new year off right, surrounded by the best people and sipping on the best homemade cocktail.

Now that sounds like the dream.

Happy New Year!

Don't forget to drink responsibly.


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Eadaoin Fitzmaurice

Multimedia Journalist. A lanky video-head living her best life by capturing what Ireland has to offer. Can be seen roaming around Dublin city vlogging herself and eating everything that crosses her path.Email: Social: @bandeadd