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30th Nov 2017

6 Reasons You Should Appreciate Your Work Bestie


Let’s all take a moment, just a moment, to spare a thought for your best friend at work, without whom you’d be simply lost.

Your ol’ 9-5 would be utter drudgery if not for that one person in the office who’s as equally jaded and fed up as you are. You’re two peas in a proverbial pod, you’re on the same wavelength, you just get one another.

Their absence is sharply felt when they’re off sick or on holidays, like when a particularly comfy jumper is in the wash.

Your work bestie really deserves some appreciation — here are a few reasons why…

1. They’re the first person you share office goss with

The boss said whaaaat?! This is just the kind of juicy tidbit that your work bestie would eat up.

I Love Secrets

2. They cover for you

Slept though your alarm? If anyone’s asking for you, a good work bestie will run interference to keep the heat off you.

Ive Got Your Back

3. They’re excellent lunchtime company

And they always know what you secretly desire: to ditch your healthy packed lunch for a bold lunch out.

Nightcrawler Gif

4. They force the rest of the office to celebrate your birthday

Sure they all sign the card, but only one of them actually cares.

Birthday Office

5. You only attend work events if you know they’ll be there too

And you’re going to spend 90% of the evening simply having the craic with them. They’re your rock.

Co Worker Winking

6. They always know the right time to break out the chocolate

On those particularly stressful, tedious and long days, they appear like a glorious angel bearing that sweet brown nectar of the gods.

That’s when you know it’s love.