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7 Signs Your Other Half Is A Total Catch

By kaylawalsh

November 22, 2017 at 11:18am




Sometimes it's easy to focus on all the annoying things your other half does, and forget how great they are overall.

Little gestures can make all the difference in a relationship and really brighten up your day.

Here are seven signs you've nabbed yourself a keeper...

1. They make an effort with your family

Does your partner bring a little present for your mam when they come to visit, and remember all your friends' names? You've found a good egg.

Friends Laughing

2. They give you compliments

If your other half tells you when you look good and compliments you on things apart from your looks, you're in business!

Woman Flirting

3. They make you food

Does bae cook you a full Irish on a Sunday or make dinner when you've had a long day at work? There's nothing better.

4. Other people are jealous

Do you catch people checking out your OH? Do your mates tell you you've landed a real catch? They might be right!

Jealous Woman

5. They're willing to compromise

When your couch potato boyfriend gets up early to go on a hike with you, or your girlfriend agrees to watch your favourite TV show even though she's not a fan, you're onto a winner.

6. They remember things you tell them

Do they know all your likes and dislikes? Do they remember the details from stories you told them ages ago? Either they have a photographic memory or they're a little gem.

7. They surprise you with Milk Tray chocolates

A top class partner will bring you treats without you having to ask - like a delicious box of Milk Tray.

Bonus points if they leave your favourite chocolates untouched even though they're reeeeally tempted to eat them!

Milk Tray 360G Open



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