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17th Sep 2020

Chef Paul Flynn reveals the most important ingredient in his cooking

Brian Dillon

Chef Paul Flynn reveals the most important ingredient in his cooking

Paul Flynn is a top Irish chef, serving up modern Irish culinary goodness at his restaurant, Townhouse and Cookery School in Dungarvan in County Waterford.

Paul started his cooking career with Nico Ladenis in London in the late 80s before returning to Ireland in 1993. While cooking great food and teaching others from around the world to do so as well, Paul cites one ingredient as vital to quality Irish food: rich and creamy Kerrygold grass-fed butter. And great butter comes from great dairy farmers.

Padraig Keane is a dairy farmer who took over from his father at the age of 22 and has been working ever since to ensure the land is well taken care of, for future generations.

Having learned dairy farming from his father, Padraig also incorporates technology to ensure the farm is operating at its’ peak and the animals are healthy.

“The big thing about the farm is that it’s a team effort and everybody’s pulling in the same direction,” Padraig explains.

“The milk is coming from cows that are fed from the grass. That’s going to produce that tasty, golden-coloured butter.”

Padraig and his family pay a visit to Paul’s restaurant in Dungarvan to taste some of the delicious food that can be made as a result of the passion and dedication from the farm.

“The heart and soul of Irish cooking is butter,” Paul said.

“It’s really important that we eat together and talk together. The enjoyment of food and the laughter that’s generated around the table, it’s an incredible thing.

“Butter is a huge part of my cooking. For me, it’s the building blocks of making Irish food. And we wouldn’t have butter if it weren’t for people like you and it’s lovely to meet you in person,” he tells Padraig and his family.

For those of us who love creating both traditional and modern Irish dishes, one thing is for certain. A tasty meal is complete with great-quality, grass-fed Kerrygold Irish butter. And that’s the ‘Kerrygold difference‘.