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30th Mar 2018

Here’s What It’s Really Like To Stay In One Of The Best Hotels In The World


There’s no feeling like that you get when you’re snuggled in bed in a divine hotel, surrounded by luxury and pure comfort.

Floating around the room in a white robe and slippers allows us to pretend that we live the high life for that brief time, and I’m just as happy in a four star hotel watching Netflix in a king sized bed as I am in a cosy B&B.

But what about those hotels that offer such levels of glam that usually us mere mortals could never even dream of spending a night there? I was lucky enough to find out.

A trip to Paris this week with Huawei to check out the launch of their new Huawei P20 phone (with a camera so good you’d never need to bother with a DSLR again) meant that they kindly put myself and other Irish media up in one of the world’s most beautiful hotels: Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris.


So, what makes the Four Seasons so impressive anyway?

This is a hotel the likes of which you’ll rarely come across. A 1920s Art Deco building sitting prettily just off the Champs-Élysées, the Four Seasons boasts eight stories and 244 guest rooms.

A wine cellar 45 feet under the ground holds over 50,000 bottles of wine and 19th-century paintings hang on the walls.

A marble courtyard is hidden within the truly jaw-dropping hotel, and even in the grim March rain it looked like a dream.

As soon as you walk in here you’re greeted with a sense of history and beauty that I’ve yet to experience in any other five star hotel. It’s pure class at every corner.

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From the moment you pull up outside you know this place is on another level

Getting out of the bus to check into the hotel, staff instantly ran over to our group with umbrellas to help shield us from that French drizzle.

The things that set the upper levels of five star hotels apart from the rest is always the staff: experienced hotels make you feel like nothing is too silly to ask for and there’s a warmth to the polite greetings.

Orange juice and croissants on arrival were a welcome touch and as I walked through the marble corridors on my way to my room I regretted wearing Nike runners.

Dear reader, they squeaked with every step.

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Chandeliers, fresh flowers and piano music playing in the lobby means you’ll never want to leave

When I say fresh flowers I mean that they’re everywhere. Soft pinks and creams fill the lobby and halls with wafts of florals and vases hold bunches bigger than I ever thought possible.

A rose flower wall of hanging stems provides the perfect Instagram background and I can’t even imagine how costly their florist bill must be.

Hearing piano music greet you when you enter was the backdrop of my entire stay, and the endless ‘Bonjour madame?’ I could get used to this.

The hotel has chandeliers in every room and lush antique furniture set beside more modern metallic sculptures – it’s almost like being in Marie Antoinette’s Versaille palace.

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But leave you must, ‘cos the hotel room of your dreams awaits

Y’know how when the hotel room is so amazing you never want to leave it? This is what you’ll find at the Four Seasons. I stayed in a Superior Room, where prices start at a staggering €1,000.

Costing more than my car (which admittedly is a banger), I don’t think I’ll ever be able to justify spending so much on one night in a hotel but if I was ever going to splash that much cash it would 100% be at this hotel.

Soft carpets and subtle pastel colours make it the room equivalent of a hug from royalty. A letter writing desk, armchair and down feather pillows on the bed are just some of the features.

Views are of the courtyard below while true glamazons can stay in the Penthouse Suite which has a private terrace looking out at the Eiffel Tower.

A marble bathroom has a TV screen in the mirror, a bath big enough for two and a rainforest shower I didn’t want to turn off.

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Bvlgari toiletries and fluffy robes? Heaven

I repeat: white robes and slippers are the way to my heart. The way to my soul? That would be fancy toiletries and the Bvlgari ones at the George V didn’t disappoint.

My only regret is that I didn’t have time for a soak in the tub…

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And the attention to detail is second to none…

Coming home after an evening out at dinner and a karaoke bar (please, don’t ask), I switched on the lights in my room to discover that the magical hotel fairies had visited while I had been away.

Clothes that I had strewn on the floor in a rush to get ready were neatly folded, my makeup had been tidied to one side and fresh towels were waiting in the bathroom.

They’d even pulled down the blind at the window and arranged the television so that you had a perfect view of the screen from the bed, where my slippers had been placed ready and waiting.

These little touches remind me of when you go home to your family for a weekend and get absolutely spoiled. It’s OTT and so unnecessary but it makes you feel like a rockstar.

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A breakfast in bed fit for a queen is the finishing touch

Nothing can beat a hotel breakfast. Bring me to the nicest brunch place in the world and it will never better the pure indulgence of not having to walk more than five steps for a feed.

The Four Season’s American breakfast includes fresh juice, homemade croissants, brioche and other pastries that are all too easily gobbled down and creamy eggs.

You can also add on crepes, a lobster omelette and even a side of black truffle if you’re feeling extra fancy.

If you’ve ever wondered how Beyonce starts her day then this might give you an idea:

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A stay at the Four Seasons Hotel George V is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you’ll never forget.

Where else could you dine in a three Michelin star restaurant just minutes away from the Arc de Triumph, or have a drink in the very same bar that princes from around the world have boozed in?

A night of luxury in the City of Love. If you need me I’ll be weeping in my tiny apartment and trying to recreate the glamour of the Four Seasons with brekkie in bed this weekend…

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