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25th Feb 2020

Four gorgeous rooftop bars to soak up the sun abroad

Brian Dillon

four gorgeous rooftop bars to soak up the sun abroad

When you’re looking for your fix of sunshine when abroad this year, you’ll probably want to head to the beach or lay by the pool. But there are some incredible rooftop bars you simply NEED to check out that provide you with that well-deserved chance to soak up that sun.

So here are four STUNNING rooftop bars to check out on your travels this year that are ideal for enjoying the sun.

Park, Lisbon

This rooftop parking lot turned bar gives you an incredible panoramic view of the Lisbon skyline.

Built on various levels, Lisbon is full of nooks, crannies and hidden gems, and this bar is no exception. Enjoy a bright afternoon, delicious cocktails and amazing food as you soak up as much sun as you can.

The wooden decking and potted plants give it a real natural feel, so you’ll feel like you’re lounging at the park when in fact you’re on one of the slickest rooftop bars to be found in Europe.

In terms of music, you can expect everything from Brazillian beats to jazz as the Portuguese sun kisses your skin at Park.

Seven Restaurant Palermo, Sicily

It’s no surprise that Sicily has its fair share of sunny dining experiences.

And the island’s capital city Palermo is no exception. One of the spots that should definitely be on your list is Seven Restaurant.

Enjoy absolutely stunning dishes such as creamy risotto, fresh homemade pasta fettuccine and Norwegian cod fillet and sip away on classy cocktails as you feel the Sicilian sun on your skin.

Plus, there are incredible panoramic views and you’ll be able to see the breathtaking Mount Etna.

The Crown, New York City

You haven’t experienced the true glory of New York City until you’ve sipped away on a beverage on one of the rooftop bars on a sunny day. Looking out over the incredible city’s skyline while soaking up the sun, there’s nothing like it. You’ll be getting more Vitamin D than you can shake a stick at.

And if you’re looking for somewhere to catch those rays, enjoy some good food and some delicious drinks, then this spot is pretty much guaranteed to tick all of the boxes.

rooftop bars

The Fog Room, Seattle

It’s probably one of the most underrated destinations that you probably haven’t considered for a holiday in 2020, but there is an endless list of reasons to pay a visit to sunny Seattle.

And one of those reasons is the fabulous eating and drinking experiences on offer in this buzzing city, like this unreal rooftop bar, for example, where you can dine on some delectable dishes such as local oysters and Beef Carpaccio as well as absolutely gorgeous desserts like Creme Brulee and Seasonal Fruit Tart.

If those unreal experiences in the sun don’t inspire you to book a holiday and chase the sun in these fantastic destinations, I don’t know what will.

Feature image via The Crown, NYC and @parklisboa on Instagram.