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20th Jun 2018

Attention Galwegians — FREE Burgers Are Coming Your Way Next Thursday


People who love burgers tend to really love burgers. It’s a passion.

Allow us to paint a picture for all you meatheads. Imagine being served up a big, juicy patty of Irish ground beef, sandwiched between two fresh buns, with a combination of melted cheese, ketchup and assorted fillings simply oozing from its sides.

It’s okay if you just felt a tangible pang in your stomach — we felt it too.

Now imagine that same burger being served up to you for free.

Lovin has teamed up with a mystery sponsor to host a special night in four different restaurants around the country on Thursday June 28, which are Farmer Browns in Dublin, Gourmet Burger Bistro in Cork, House Limerick in Limerick and Handsome Burger in Galway.

When you pop into Handsome Burger on the night in question you’ll notice that one special option has been added to their menu: the LovinBeef Burger. All you have to do to get this bad boy for free is to post a picture of the burger to your social media accounts using #LovinBeef.

One li’l hashtag people, that’s all we ask!

Now let’s find out why they call the place Handsome Burger…

Of course, on the night in question you can still get sides and any of Handsome Burger’s most popular dishes, like The B.O.B. and The Handsome Roost, but ONLY the LovinBeef burger will be free.

Visit Handsome Burger from 6-10pm on Thursday June 28 to get involved with LovinBeef Night!