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27th Aug 2019

PODCAST: Georgie Crawford Speaks Candidly About Her Cancer Diagnosis And Life Since Recovery

Brian Dillon

Georgie Crawford on the Lough Easkey Loop in County Sligo

The Irish are a nation of storytellers. Our stories are embedded in us, and in our landscape. Tales and Trails podcast is a brand new and immersive audio experience that invites you to walk the Irish countryside with the nation’s most interesting people. This time, we catch up with podcaster Georgie Crawford.

On this episode, we walked the Lough Easkey Loop in County Sligo, a walk that is remote, exposed and strikingly beautiful. (See full trail guide here).

Georgie was diagnosed with cancer in 2017, six months after having her first baby. She has since turned her nightmare into a positive story, having reached over one million listeners on her podcast. She is now a beacon of self-care and wellness and encourages her listeners to make the most out of family and the small things in life.

Georgie talks about her diagnosis, life since recovering from cancer and her new-found appreciation for nature.

“It’s so good to be in such a beautiful setting in fresh air. You can’t deny how good it makes you feel.

“Before I got sick, you would never really find me in the mountains. But now, I suppose as your life progresses and you learn hard lessons, you stop to appreciate the finer things.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2017 and I went into a few surgeries where I couldn’t really get out much. When I was in the middle of chemo, I didn’t have much energy. But I would make sure to get out. I had a one-year-old, so I had to make sure to bring her out every day.

“Every day, I felt better after it. It’s great to see those results first-hand. Often my Mum would feel better after a walk because she was struggling too. And often, my daughter Pia would be in a better mood. Ever since then, I’ve made it my business to get out into nature. Before that, if I ever exercised it would have been in a gym or in some indoor setting.

“It was October 5th when I first discovered a lump. It was 1.30am and I had been feeling really tired that week. My baby was seven months old, so she was still waking up for night feeds. I had just finished breastfeeding.

“My husband Jamie did the night feed and I woke up when he was putting her back into the crib, which was beside my bed. I leaned over her crib and my hand fell against my right breast, and I just felt this lump that I had never had before. It was so hard, and at that moment, I just felt like that was it, my life had changed forever. Within a week, I was diagnosed with cancer.”

For our full interview with Georgie Crawford, recorded live as we walked the spectacular the Lough Easkey Loop in County Sligo, listen to the full episode below:

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