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16th Oct 2018

Seven Semi-Awkward Reasons You Couldn’t Live Without Your Bestie

Megan Cassidy

There’s no relationship in the world like that between two best friends who know everything about each other.

We can’t thank our besties enough for all they do for us (and all the secrets they keep). Here’s seven semi-awkward reasons we couldn’t live without them.

1. She Knows Too Much… And Still Hasn’t Ditched You

We know its the cliche on every cheesy birthday card EVER… but we can’t deny it’s true. Your bestie has been there through thick and thin, and you appreciate that she has a LOT of #TBT content that she has had the grace NOT to use.

Thank you, bestie, for keeping all our secrets, well, secret!

Best Friends

2. He’s Always There For The Pity-Laughs

Even when no one else laughs at your crappy jokes, your bestie is there to prop you up with the necessary pity-laugh and ease the awkward silence.

You know he doesn’t find the joke funny either – but it’s nice to know he’s got your back.

Fake Laugh

3. She’s Stopped You From Sending That Text

We’ve all been there. We’ve been staring at the crazy-message-that-has-the-potential-to-ruin-our-lives for so long that it doesn’t even seem crazy anymore.

That’s where she steps in, to advise you to remove the 12th exclamation mark, or in fact, just not send the text at all.

Thanks Text

4. He’s basically your parents’ favourite child

You know you have to keep him when your parents actually prefer him to you.

If you feel like a fourth wheel at dinner while he talks up a storm with the ‘rents – you know he’s in it for the long run.

At least someone’s making them proud.


5. She knows you better than you know yourself

How is that she can predict what we’ll do in a given situation better than we can ourselves?

Thank you, bestie, for making sure there was chocolate in the cupboard when we ‘randomly’ decided we weren’t on the silly diet anymore.

Thnk You

6. He’s the only one who tells you the harsh truth

Little white lies are welcome most of the time, but we all need one person that we can rely on to tell us the cold, hard truth – when we need it the most.

While other people are treating your love life like an episode of Eastenders, egging you on and watching the fall-out – your bestie will tell you when it’s time to bow out.

Thank you for not letting us make a fool of ourselves.

Thank You Twins

7. She’s carried out numerous “social experiments” on your behalf

You know the type of experiment we’re talking about here – that 1am text where you ask her to like an Instagram photo and unlike it exactly 23 seconds later to see if you get the notification?

You both know it’s because you’ve accidentally liked a photo from deep, deep down on your ex’s timeline, but she doesn’t make a deal – she just does it.

And is a shoulder to cry on when you do, in fact, get the notification.

Best Friends