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08th Jul 2018

Attention Whiskey Connoisseurs — You Need To Know About The Event Taking Place In Two Irish Airports Right Now


If you’re a fan of whiskey, you won’t want to miss the event currently happening in Irish airports.

The List is an in-store event which is celebrating all things whiskey at The Loop in Cork and Dublin Airport. The Loop Whiskey Ambassadors are now offering their expertise and knowledge to help you find the right the whiskey for you or someone you care about.

And considering The Loop has a range of a whopping 365 whiskeys, making that decision can be tough.

The List is centred around three specially selected lists, which have all been hand-picked for their unique taste and character: Ambassadors’ Choice, Regional and Exclusive.

In putting these lists together The Loop’s buying team searched far and wide to carefully craft the selection, going as far as Japan, New Zealand and Taiwan.

But, of course, the Irish whiskeys are the main event at The List as this award-winning store boasts more Irish whiskeys than any other retailer in the world. Their range includes a number of iconic and world exclusive whiskeys that have been distilled and bottled specifically for The Irish Whiskey Collection.

Know anyone who needs to the check out The List?

Click HERE to learn more about The Irish Whiskey Collection at The Loop.