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The science of gift-giving: the four personality types and what to get them

By Brian Dillon

December 10, 2020 at 11:44am



Did you know there are four personality types when it comes to gift-giving? Here's what to get them this year.

We have teamed up with TK Maxx to delve into the science of gift-giving this Christmas. Yes, it's a science.

They have identified four different personality types and some handy hints to help you find an extra special pressie. How handy, right? Their super useful formula will ensure that you don't just get your friend or family member any old gift, but something they truly desire. You can find out their personality type here.

So, we'll get cracking, shall we? Here are the four personality types identified by TK Maxx and great gift suggestions that you could get them this Christmas.

1) The Curious Spirit

Who they are:

The curios spirit is happiest when losing themselves in their passions and interests. This year, they're probably missing the freedom to explore, discover and find inspiration by treating the senses. So, they're probably going to plan some adventures for 2021.

Here's what you should get them:

They love to be creative and project their unique spirit. When shopping for the curious spirit, think about how you can help them develop and explore their passions. They thrive off new discoveries, so you're going to want to get them something that peaks their interests and ignites that curiosity and lust for reinvention.

One fab idea is this List Journal: Creative Ways to Organise Your Life (€5.99).

List Journal: Creative Ways to Organise Your Life


Since this person loves an adventure, they'd probably appreciate a nice warm jacket like the below (€29.99)

Or some earphones for the playlist that accompanies on their adventures (€9.99)


2) The Big Achiever

Who they are:

The big achiever thrives off reaching and smashing goals and personal targets. This year, they've likely missed being recognised for the incredible things they do.

What to get them:

They love to celebrate their achievements and milestones, so you should get them a gift to reflect that, to remind them just how amazing you think they are. In 2021, they will probably kick start a new project and set goals that they'll smash out of the park.

TK Maxx has some great gift ideas for the man in your life who means business, like a check wool blend three-piece suit (€79.99).

Or perhaps they need a new stylish backpack (€39.99)  to get them where they're going in 2021.

Chances are they're super into their fitness and wellbeing, so perhaps some new weights (€6.99) would be appreciated.

3) The Social Connector

Who they are:

This person cherishes special moments and holds on to memories, and they probably cherish you and the time you guys have spent together. This person is likely one of the most thoughtful people in your life.

What to get them:

This person deserves a treat for simply being themself. They deserve a little bit of pampering or perhaps something a bit on the boujee side.

Like these super fancy flutes (€23.99)  for you guys to enjoy a bottle of fizz together.

Or a luxurious scented candle to help them unwind, like this pink ombre sugar berry one (€9.99).

And I think they would really appreciate a picture of the two of you in a gorgeous fancy frame (€9.99).

Antique Style Photo frame

4) The Simplicity Seeker

Who they are:

This person has a special perspective on life, finding meaning and joy in the things that truly matter. This person doesn't spoil themselves as much as they should. And that's where you come in...

What to get them:

They prefer the practical things in life. What one gift could make their life easier?

Perhaps a handyman gift set (€29.99)? Because let's be real, this person does everything for themself.



Or maybe some treats to keep them toasty when out and about like a cosy scarf or cute hat (€3).

They would probably also love this lavender pillow spray (€4.99).

Need help figuring out which personality type your friend, family member or other half is? Head to this handy quiz to find out!

This year, we all really deserve a special Christmas. Whether your loved one is a Curious Spirit, a Big Achiever, a Social Connector or a Simplicity Seeker, getting them a gift that they will really appreciate is one sure way to add a little bit of wholesome joy to their festive season.

Get these gifts and so much more at TK Maxx this Christmas. With fresh deliveries arriving right up until Christmas Eve, you can find something extra special for everyone on your Christmas list.


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