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Nine Things People Who Are ALWAYS Cold Need In Their Lives

By seank

March 2, 2018 at 3:12pm




People who are cold all the time can really wreck your head.

You know the type we're talking about here. They're the kind of person who longs for woolly hats, oversized jumpers and the opportunity to curl up under the nearest blanket. They cringe away from doors left open and are constantly heard complaining about the office air conditioning.

But there are ways to shut this person up — sorry, we mean, there are ways to make this person more comfortable. And it involves surrounding that person with so many sources of warmth that they couldn't possibly get chilly.

And when you make the effort to warm someone's body, you might just warm their heart too... like the absolute sweetie-pie you are.

Chemical hand warmers

Cold people are notorious for their icicle-like hands, so that's the first thing you need to address.

Make sure they have a healthy supply of these heat packs to crack open to release warmth at the first sign of a chill in the air and their paws will be snug for up to 10 hours.



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Fuzzy headphones

The face, head and chest are all quite sensitive to changes in temperature, so earmuffs are a great way to stay comfortable outdoors during the winter — but why not keep your noodle warm and enjoy some entertainment at the same time?

A pair of fuzzy headphones will allow you to listen to some vintage Bowling For Soup tracks on Spotify or a Serial podcast while keeping those earlobes oh-so-cosy.



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A heated jacket

A cold person always experiences a sinking feeling before reluctantly shrugging on a jacket in the morning that's chilly from being out in the hall all night... but thankfully that experience is a thing of the past.

Since heated jackets are now a thing, this item of clothing can be pre-warmed by batteries within the fabric before you put it on and it'll continue to keep you comfy while you're out and about.

That's right, it's now socially acceptable to wear what is essentially an electric blanket outdoors. What a time to be alive.



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Sofa warmer

You don't want to give the cold person in your life any opportunity to start whining about the temperature, so make sure they have themselves a sofa warmer.

Drape some of these over their favourite pieces of furniture and it will perfectly simulate that sensation of sitting in someone else's warm spot.

Which, as we all know, is a feeling of pure bliss.

Sofa Warmer

Heated mattress pads

For those of you who are severely averse to low temperatures, slipping between cold sheets is akin to plunging into an ice bath. Not pleasant at all.

Luckily a heated mattress pad will sort that problem right out, being a bit like an electric blanket, only that you lie on top of it rather than wrapping yourself in it.

With one of these, you will achieve instant cosiness every time you climb into bed.

Heated Mattress Pad

The fluffiest of socks

Do not let a coldie walk around barefoot at home and ordinary socks simply aren't enough to insulate them from the harsh, cold reality of bathroom tiles.

Instead, arm them with a pair of ridiculously fluffy socks for walking about the house and they'll never experience the mild annoyance of a chilly floor again.

Fluffy Socks Pink

A constant supply of soup

Once their exterior warmness has been accounted for, you need to make sure that they're heated up on the inside too — that's where soup comes in.

Whip up a steaming bowl of this filling goodness for your other half without them having to ask and you'll warm their belly and their heart.

Nutritious, comforting and above all hot, this stuff is essentially liquid cosiness.

Soup Gif

Heated insoles

Shedding your warm, comfortable bed first thing in the morning to pull on chilly clothes sucks, but it's a whole lot easier when the clothes you're putting on are already warm.

Start with your feet, toasty feet are happy feet after all, and slip a pair of heated insoles into your shoes. Simply charge these at a wall socket and you can set these beauties to the temperature setting that suits your little piggies best.



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A pyjamas warming pouch

You've spent all days getting your regular clothes to a comfortable level of warmth, but you're thrown back to square one when you slip into chilly PJs right before bedtime. It's the worst.

So let's correct that problem. Get cosy with a pyjama warming pouch, all you have to do is fold your PJs inside the pouch, plug it in and, hey presto, within a few short minutes you've got a pair of toasty night clothes ready to be put on.

This thing will revolutionise how you laze around on the couch.

Cosy Pyjamas


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