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20th Dec 2021

Time for a change? Here’s how you can find the perfect paint shade or wallpaper for your new space

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Time to change up your living space? We’ve got the perfect solution…

Having spent so much of the last few years indoors, you’re probably not the only one who’s grown tired of their living space.

And when it comes to changing up your living space, nothing packs quite as much of a punch as a brand new lick of paint or a sleek new wallpaper.

Changing up those four walls can totally transform a room, and it’s the quickest way to jazz up your living space if you’re looking for a change of scenery.

That’s why B&Q are helping you Choose Change, with their massive range of paint and wallpapers that will help you create a space you’ll love.

From a HUGE selection of top-quality paint to an impressive catalogue of wallpapers, there’s sure to be something there that will help you transform your home.

Here’s just some of what they have to offer…

Thousands of shades to choose from…

B&Q have over 2000 shades of paint to choose from, making it easier than ever to let your creative side out. From bright or bold pops of colour to more muted, minimalistic shades, you’re sure to find your dream tones and tints in their HUGE paint range.

B&Q also stock loads of different types of paint, from glossy and matte finishes to metallic, glitter and chalk paints, all of which are ideal if you’re planning a statement wall or some stencil work.

A match made in heaven….

And if there’s a particular shade you’re been on the look-out for, B&Q can help you there too!

The Valspar Paint Mixing service is available at B&Q, and uses colour matching technology to create paint in any shade you’re looking for, with over 2.2 million different colour creations possible.*

All you need to do is bring an item or swatch into your local B&Q store to scan. That item can be wallpaper, fabric, a cushion or even your children’s toys – as long as it’s not too shiny and it’s larger than 0.5cm in diameter, they can match it.

B&Q will then create the perfect shade of paint in the colour of that item, so you can co-ordinate your space exactly how you’d like it. Ideal!

That dream statement wall…

When it comes to that eye-catching accent wall you’ve been dreaming of, a stunning wallpaper design is a quick and simple way to give your interiors a sleek and stylish finishing touch.

B&Q have over 500 styles of wallpaper available to choose from too, from geometric, tiled patterns to floral and nature-inspired options. So, whatever your ideal aesthetic is, there’s sure to be an option that makes the statement you’re looking for.

*B&Q can match any item they can scan. They can’t scan anything that’s shiny, doesn’t provide a solid enough colour to match or is smaller than 1″sq.