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01st Dec 2021

Time for a change? Here’s how you can create a living space you’ll love

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If you’re planning some home improvements, this could be a big help…

Considering how much time we’ve all spent in our homes over the last year-and-a-bit, you’re probably not alone if you’re thinking about a change of scenery.

Whether it’s a home office upgrade, a kitchen transformation or a complete home improvement, changing up your space is always an exciting venture.

That’s why B&Q are helping you Choose Change, with their massive range of stunning interiors that will help you create a space you’ll love.

From wallpaper and paint to flooring, tiles and finishing touches, here’s everything B&Q has to offer for home improvers…

Deck the walls

Fed up with staring at the same four walls everyday? Same.

A fresh, new shade of paint can do wonders when it comes to updating your space and, if you have a particular shade in mind, you can find it at B&Q.

The Valspar Paint Mixing service at B&Q can match over 2.2 million colours.* Simply bring along an item or swatch in the shade you’re looking for, and they’ll find a matching paint colour that’s perfect for you. Plus, if there isn’t a particular colour you want to match, you can still choose from over 2000 shades at B&Q, so you really are spoiled for choice.

PLUS, they’ve over 500 styles of wallpaper available to choose from too, so that stunning accent wall you’ve been dreaming of has never been more achievable.

Flooring favourites

Time to swap out an old carpet? Maybe your floorboards are looking a bit worse for wear? We’ve got just the thing…

High-quality, sturdy flooring is essential considering everything we put it through, but something that suits your own personal style and home d├ęcor is pretty important too. From sleek laminates to dreamy wooden floorboards, B&Q have over 200 styles of flooring and 280 styles of tiles for you to choose from, so even the pickiest of shoppers can find their perfect flooring fit.

Light it up

When it comes to home improvements, those final finishing touches can make all the difference to your space and this is especially important when it comes to lighting.

Whether it’s creating the illusion of extra space or setting the right ambiance and atmosphere, B&Q have a huge selection of indoor and garden lighting to choose from, including sleek, modern fixtures and statement, luxury lampshades.

Ready to kickstart your home improvements? You can browse B&Q’s full home interiors range right here.

And be sure to check back in over the coming weeks, when we will be taking a closer look at B&Q’s range…

*B&Q can match any item they can scan. They can’t scan anything that’s shiny, doesn’t provide a solid enough colour to match or is smaller than 1″sq.