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Ten Tiny Gestures That Only Irish People Appreciate

By Megan Cassidy

March 15, 2019 at 2:59pm




At Lovin HQ, we’re all about celebrating the unsung heroes in life.

Sure, flowers and pressies are nice, but big gestures don’t come close to the small ways Irish friendliness can lift your spirits.

Here’s ten tiny gestures that mean the world to an Irish person. Thanks for being sound.

1. Saying thanks to the bus driver

He won't respond, but the gesture isn't just for the bus driver - it's for everyone within hearing distance - a sort of primal call that says "I'm sound".

2. Keeping a polite distance at the ATM queue

Not that we have anything worth stealing - in fact the opposite.

We'd like to digest the "insufficient funds" message in private, and would like to gratefully thank the people who look the other way as we take back our card (minus the cash) and walk away with our dignity intact.

Miggeldy Higgins knows...

3. The steering wheel wave on a country road

Windy back roads can get lonely, with only the sat nav for company. That one-finger salute from your fellow secondary road compatriot means the world.

Car Wave

4. Making space at the bar

The ultimate selfless act - and the antithesis of the selfish elbow spread that means no one else can get a look-in.

There's enough room for everyone to rest their weary arms while they wait to catch the barman's attention - and the people who recognise this deserve a massive THANK YOU.


5. The long goodbye

Hanging up the phone is hard - but next to impossible for an Irish person. The 'goodbye, bye, seeya, bye, yep, yeah, bye bye bye' has come to mean a lot to us. Thank you for showing you care.

Bye Bye

6. The small-talk ice-breakers

Whoever said that silence is golden has never stood in an elevator for ten floors with someone they vaguely recognise from the office.

Ireland's changeable weather has one very big benefit - it provides endless small talk to those in need. Thank you to the ice-breakers who aren't ashamed to talk about it.

Small Talk

7. Detailed Directions

An Irish person Will. Not. Let. You. Go. until they're sure you know where you're going.

We're talking complete strangers with their arms and elbows stuffed inside the car window, making you repeat the directions back to them so there's no confusion.

If in doubt, remember the nearest pub.

8. The lift

Our public transport can be... questionable... but you can always depend on 'The Lift'.

This is perhaps the most appreciated small gesture there is, whether it's your Dad collecting you off the bus, or your other half after a night out, after throwing a coat on over their pyjamas.

Thank. You.

Thank You

9. The white lie

Ahh. The Irish are expert at this one. Sometimes we just don't want to hear the truth, and a simple 'Ah, it'll be grand' when we both know it very much won't be, is music to our ears.

Thanks for the support.


10. Popping on the kettle

All of the above gestures fade into obscurity in comparison to this. No matter what the issue, temperature, or situation; to announce that you're popping on the kettle is the kind gesture that takes the biscuit. Speaking of biscuits - a plate of chocolatey treats is the big winner here.




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