7 Irish online vintage stores to check out on Earth Day

By Fiona Frawley

April 22, 2022 at 9:00am


What can we say about vintage shopping? She's a legend, an icon, and she is the moment.

There really is nothing like nabbing a vintage find - imagining the story behind it, the made-to-last quality and most importantly, the knowledge that you'll never bump into someone wearing the same thing as you.

There are plenty of other benefits to second hand shopping - it helps to prevent clothes from being sent to landfill, reduces greenhouse gases and is usually far more ethical than a fast fashion haul (you'll find great sources for more info on sustainable shopping below - there's so much to learn!)

Over lockdown, so many Irish guys and gals discovered the thrill of online vintage shopping. There are loads of great Irish online vintage stores who do weekly drops that sell out in minutes - a sign that more of us than ever are opting for sustainable shopping.

Looking to make small, sustainable changes to your lifestyle? Here's a list of some great Irish online vintage and second hand stores to get the ball rolling.

Studio Minti

Studio Minti is a sustainable fashion hub with a gorge selection of preloved clothes as well as the odd incredible up-cycled piece by in house designers Laura and Nicole. Laura also regularly posts fun, informative reels regarding fast fashion, sustainable shopping and more.


Don't miss out on their drops, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm.

Spice Vintage

Spice's weekly drops are like Armageddon. They sell out in minutes so if you have your eye on something be tactical, be quick and be ready. Sneak peeks of what'll be available in each drop go up on the Spice Insta page in the days leading up to the weekly drop (Friday at 6pm). Consider that your window shopping of sorts, and get ready for the rush of your life once Friday evening hits.

Ripe Vintage


In a similar vein to Spice, Ripe has weekly drops on Fridays at 7pm which usually sell out quickly. Keep your eye on their Insta page throughout the week and if any pieces catch your eye, set your alarm for drop time and have your card at the ready.

Candid Frank Vintage

A gorgeous Cork-based business with really fairly priced gorgeous bits, and an Insta full of reels with styling advice for silk scarves, vintage shirts and more. Drop dates vary, just head to the website whenever you fancy and start browsing!

The Harlequin


This iconic Dublin store was a trailblazer of the Irish vintage scene. If, like myself your teenage years were spent wishing you were in an episode of Skins you'll definitely remember rummaging through the Castle Market store searching for the perfect jacket or vintage sunnies. Sadly, the physical store closed its doors last year year as a result of the pandemic, but you can still shop their amazing selection online.

35mm Vintage

These guys have a deadly in-person store in Kiltimagh, Mayo but you can also find some great bits on their website whether you're after a funky fleece, a one off hat or your dream piece of denim.

Thanks Hun Vintage


Another lockdown vintage baby, Thanks Hun Vintage is a treasure trove of stunning affordable vintage bits as well as some fab reworked pieces. It's also iconic for the name alone.

Header image via Instagram/Ripe Vintage 

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