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22nd Apr 2022

Make a change to your cutlery drawer with these edible knives and forks

Fiona Frawley

edible spoon being used with colourful cereal loops

Honestly we’re pretty happy that the key to sustainability seems to be… eating more.

Over the summer, you may have seen edible coffee cups like these popping up in cafes around the country:

If you haven’t come across them yet, in short they’re a sustainable answer to single use coffee cups. Instead of throwing them in the bin when you’re done, you enjoy them as a light, wafer-y post-flattie snack. Smart, right? Well if you like those, you’ll love the latest addition to the edible utensil world:

These edible spoons come from Irish company Edible Cutlery Ireland, whose mission is to “change how the world views single use plastic”. It’s a similar concept to the cups – after you’ve finished your cereal, ice cream, yoghurt, whatever you’re having yourself – gobble up the spoon and breathe a smug sigh of relief knowing you’ve opted for a more sustainable choice. The edible spoons are available for delivery throughout Ireland in packs of 20 or 30. You can also choose between big and small spoons and best of all, chocolate or vanilla flavour. What a dream.

If you’d like to give the latest sustainability craze a go, you can order your own edible spoons on the Edible Cutlery Ireland WEBSITE.

Header image via Instagram/ediblecutleryireland 

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