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21st Jun 2022

World’s first completely biodegradable deodorant produced by Irish company

Emily Mullen

Recently launched this unisex deodorant ticks a lot of conscious boxes: cruelty-free, 100% vegan and 100% natural

As far as breaking records goes, we Irish aren’t as prolific as you might imagine us to be. That’s why when an actual world-first comes around it must be grabbed, celebrated and screamed from the rooftops. This celebration has to go up a few decibel when it happens in the sustainability stakes, like The Handmade Soap company’s latest launch.

After three years of research, the Co. Meath-based The Handmade Soap Company launched ANAM deodorant, which is completely biodegradable from the product to the packaging. Made up with 100% natural ingredients when it’s used up, you can drop the whole thing into the food bin (yes the food bin!).

Consumer health and the environment impact were key drivers in the production, creating a deliberate u-turn away from the traditional aerosol deodorants we are so accustomed to.

“This natural deodorant does not block sweat pores like antiperspirants do, so the goal was to figure out a way to neutralise the bacterial growth which leads to body odour. Which we have successfully done through natural active ingredients, such as sage leaf extract and Zinc salt. And most importantly, no more nasty chemicals need to go straight into our bloodstreams anymore, straight through the highly sensitive and absorbent thin layer of skin at our armpits,” founder Donagh Quigley has said, “we wouldn’t swallow a handful of toxic ingredients, and yet what we do with deodorants every day is arguably worse”.

This latest launch by The Handmade Soap Company is both Ecocert and Cosmos accredited, the highest accreditations a brand can boast for sustainable practices and natural ingredients in Europe. Last year The Handmade Soap Company confirmed every single product they produce is now both Ecocert and Cosmos accredited, an incredibly rare achievement.

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