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15th Aug 2018

Take 30 Minutes Just For You At Cadbury Twirl’s Phone-Free Pop-Up That’s Touring Ireland


At this point in history, life moves at a faster pace than ever before.

These days many of us face pressure to always be ‘on’, to be contactable by our workplace at all times, to always be logged into multiple social media channels and to constantly stimulate ourselves with an endless stream of on demand entertainment.

Trying to keep up is exhausting and the result is that finding a moment where we can just stop and think is becoming increasingly rare.

And that’s where Take Ten With Twirl comes in.

What is it, you ask?

It’s a travelling pop-up from the folks at Cadbury Twirl which aims to encourage members of the public to take just half an hour out of their busy day to simply allow themselves to ponder.

On entering this chill out area, guests will hand their phone to a staff member who will put it in a signal-blocking pouch for safe keeping, then they’ll enter Take Ten With Twirl and be offered a tea or coffee, as well a Cadbury Twirl. They can then relax on bean bags and enjoy quiz cards on the nearby table with fun fact style questions like “Why is the sky blue?”.

Oh and if you submit an answer to these questions, you could be in with a chance to win a spa day for two! Not too shabby, eh?

There’ll also be notebooks for people to write down their thoughts, as well as postcards for people to post on the pop-up’s Postcard Wall.

Once your session in Take Ten With Twirl is finished, you’ll be given your phone back and encouraged to take your notebook home with you.

Bean Bagger

Where and when can we find it?!

Take Ten With Twirl is set to have three stops across Ireland next month:

  • Mahon Point Shopping Centre, Cork — Saturday, August 4
  • Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, Dublin — Saturday August 18
  • Eyre Square Shopping Centre, Galway — Saturday August 25

So are you gonna Take Ten With Twirl?

Let us know in the comments.