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29 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Thailand At Least Once In Their Lifetime

By admin

August 2, 2018 at 3:48pm


You've probably bumped into at least a couple of people who have been to Thailand.

And they've probably cornered you and started raving about it as being 'the best place in the world'.

Backpackers, young professionals, honeymooners... you know the type.

Well I've just come back from spending three weeks in my favourite part of the world and I wanted to put into words and pictures why the place is so special.

After looking through these, you have no excuse. It's time to book that trip to Thailand once and for all.

1. The sun shines pretty much all year round

Shutterstock 108030050

2. You get to travel everywhere on a moped without a care in the world

Shutterstock 594073343

3.Once you get here, everything is super cheap

Shutterstock 520218469

4. You'll never see clearer water in your life

Shutterstock 591691760

5. You'll get an amazing massage for the price of a coffee back home

6. You will encounter so many new and unique experiences that it will open your mind

Shutterstock 389485657
Shutterstock 54187237

7. The street food tastes incredible and is super affordable

Shutterstock 342199925

8.The Thai people are genuinely the nicest and most friendly on Earth

Shutterstock 323879339

9. The partying and nightlife is as good as it gets

Shutterstock 92459002

10. There are dogs on every corner and beach you come across

Shutterstock 156966140

11. No matter what religion you practice, you'll appreciate the stunning beauty of the temples in Thailand

Shutterstock 238473214

12. You can go island hopping to change up the scenery

Shutterstock 147068735

13. The sunsets in Thailand are something else. Look.

Shutterstock 139324019

14. You can get amazing fried chicken pretty much everywhere for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It tastes absolutely out of this world

Shutterstock 304764845

15. You couldn't even make up how stunningly beautiful some of the scenery is

Shutterstock 329246918

16. This is one of the most magical places on the planet. Nothing can prepare you for the magic of Thailand

Shutterstock 382198903

17. Any country that has so many wild amazing elephants gets our vote

Shutterstock 597694826

18. The diving is incredible, including the majestic sight of whale sharks

Shutterstock 70095013

19. The hotels, villas and places to stay are pure luxury

Shutterstock 91619834

20. Nothing beats the thrill of nipping through the streets on a tuk tuk

Shutterstock 147970610

21. Things are even prettier when you head inland

Shutterstock 209487340

22. You'll be able to find your very own private waterfall

Shutterstock 343576922

23. The madness and raw energy of Bangkok

Shutterstock 203161951

24. Songkran Festival, where everybody gets drenched with huge water guns over a couple of days. Just for fun.

Shutterstock 406680499

25. The beach bars are the best place in the world to sit and have an ice-cold drink

Shutterstock 142813996

26. It is an absolute paradise for people who love shopping

Shutterstock 266201021

27. Thailand is the perfect country to visit for wellness, healthy eating and to rejuvenate

Shutterstock 189401888

28. The huge selection of gorgeous fresh seafood

Shutterstock 617167562

29. Whatever you do, make sure you get to Thailand sometime soon. You won't regret it

Shutterstock 430438141

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