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20th Dec 2016

10 Best Places To Grab A Coffee And Work In Barcelona With Free Wi-Fi


So with thousands descending on Barcelona this week for the Mobile World Congress, there’s probably huge competition for space in the deadly little remote working options across the city. Many of us choose to work this way these days with ties to the physical office not as important as they once were. You might need to check your emails between meetings, tie up a few loose ends online at the end of a day or simple want a change of scenery but finding the perfect spot for a bit of surfing can be tricky.

There are several hundred public Wi-Fi spots dotted across the city which is grand if you’re going about your day-to-day but if you need to work remotely with the laptop you’ll need a good lobby or coffee shop to set-up camp in. There are a few vitally important things when looking for a place with free Wi-Fi to work which are:

  • A good strong free Wi-Fi connection
  • Plugs to charge laptops and phones
  • Good coffee

All of the venues selected below tick all the boxes and are spread out around the city to give you an option for all situations. Make sure to enhance the list with some suggestions of your own in the comments. If you’re just looking for some great coffee then I’d suggest heading to Nomad or Satan’s Coffee Corner – they don’t have any Wi-Fi but they’ve renowned for their incredible service . We’ll keep this list updated and add to it so don’t be shy to add new ones you find.

10. Carvelle

Carrer del Pintor Fortuny, 31, 08001 Barcelona

Free Wi-Fi, delicious food, super coffee, friendly staff and comfortable working space. What more could you want?

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9. Schilling

Carrer de Ferran, 23, 08002 Barcelona

Besides having amazing coffee and free Wi-Fi, the Schilling Burger is highly recommended. Not the best place if you’re looking for some quite time, but is ideal if you’re looking for great ambiance and vibes. Plus bonus points for being able to order endless mojitos while you work. Photo Credit


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8. The Mercer Hotel

The hotel itself only has 28 rooms making it more of a boutique hotel and sitting here you’ll really get that vibe. It’s nice and discreet and the calm surrounding mean you’ll be able to have laser focus while you work. The Mercer is also the ideal place to have a small meeting.


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7. Pudding

Carrer de Pau Claris, 90, 08010 Barcelona

If you’re looking for something a little less serious than the Mercer and you like a little fantasy on the side, then Pudding will do just that. They’ve an absolutely crazy Alice In Wonderland themed interior which will help to keep your creative juices flowing. Super-fast Wi-Fi and their amazing selection of cakes means you’ll be spoilt for choice in here.


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6. La Fourmi

Carrer de Milà i Fontanals Esquina Carrer de l’Alba, 58, 08012 Barcelona

This lovely wee cafe is Garcia is open from breakfast right into the late evening which makes it the perfect hideout if you have a load of work to do. And in true Spanish fashion there’s a wonderful menu of food and coffee to get you through the day!


5. CatBar

Carrer Boria, 17, 08003 Barcelona

This bar is fully loaded with Wi-Fi. It makes the perfect spot for finding a nice corner to get some work done. If you get a bit hungry they’ve an epic food menu and a huge range of artisan beers. You might forget the main reason for heading here but sure it happens to the best of us!


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4. La Clandestina

Baixada Viladecols, 2 BIS, 08002 Barcelona

A bit hard to find as it’s located in the back streets of the Gothic Quarter. But this boho place is a Wi-Fi haven. You’ll be sure to be rubbing shoulders with many other laptop users.


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3. Mitte

Carrer de Bailén, 86, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

You’ll feel right at home with Mitte’s artsy decor. They’ve an excellent Wi-Fi connection and super food. They also have a full calendar of events in the evenings in their massive outlet.


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2. Federal Cafe

Carrer del Parlament, 39, 08015 Barcelona, Spain

Federal Cafe is one of the many establishments making their mark in the Sunday Brunch revolution in Barca. But don’t let this deter you from working remotely here. You can get hours of work done without being disturbed and have you coffee on tap. It’s also dog friendly which gets my vote any day.


1. Granja Petitbo

Passeig de Sant Joan, 82, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

This place is excellent – great coffee, loads of places to set up camp with your laptop and incredible food (you have to try their famous cakes). It’s usually pretty busy, which is a good sign, just get in early to nab a seat for yourself. Price rage is pretty manageable too.