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20th Dec 2016

10 Best Places To Grab A Coffee And Work In Manchester With Free Wi-Fi


Many of us choose to work remotely these days with ties to the physical office not as important as they once were. You might need to check your emails between meetings, tie up a few loose ends online at the end of a day or simple want a change of scenery but finding the perfect spot for a bit of surfing can be tricky. I’ve been looking for a good free Manchester Wi-Fi list for some time and after not finding any I decided to research it a little more and create my own one. There are a few vitally important things when looking for a place with free wifi to work which are…

  • A good strong free Wi-Fi connection
  • Plugs to charge laptops and phones
  • Good coffee

All of the venues selected below tick all the boxes and are spread out around the city to give you an option for all situations. Make sure to enhance the list with some suggestions of your own in the comments. I’ll try and keep this list updated and add to it so don’t be shy to add new ones you find.

10. Home Sweet Home

You’ll come here to work but you’ll end up coming back time and time again because of their sweet treats. They call it comfort food and you’ll get a tonne of work done while sampling the tasty menu. Free Wi-Fi, good high benches and a perfect place to get emails and quick tasks done.


9. Artisan

This is an absolutely huge venue in Spinningfields which has the perfect combination of lightening fast Wi-Fi, super comfy seats and lots of great food. It’s the perfect spot if you want to spend serious time working remotely – they seem to always be open.


8. Pot Kettle Black

Incredibly fast Wi-Fi, lots of plugs and good high benches so you don’t slouch for hours when working. Special marks for the coffee coming with a glass of water and a little biscuit. The perfect spot for about an hour to 90 minutes of work.


7. Nexus Art Cafe

Art Gallery and exhibition space that sites alongside fair trade coffee and awesome free Wi-Fi with relaxing seating so you can lounge around all day in and do awesome work while surrounded by creative folk.

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6. Malmaison Lobby

Great if you are new to the city and need somewhere after jumping off the train or coming form the airport. Good lounge area with lots of plugs around the bar and super fast free Wi-Fi. Pricey coffee but you can linger around as long as you want.


5. Koffee Pot

An awesome spot to get a proper breakfast and work with super Wi-Fi and a young hip media crowd. The only slight spanner in the works is that they had to move last month but all is good again.


4. Manchester House

This is on the higher end of the scale for people wanting to work in style and perhaps have clients come and go as you work. Private daytime spaces are available for business meetings, with Wi-Fi and ample power points it is the perfect place to seal a deal or laze with a coffee and soak up the scenery.


3. Sugar Junction

Anywhere with a name like Sugar Junction and that serves food like this gets our vote, never mind the Wi-Fi, coffee or work! The good news is the Wi-Fi is super though and this is the perfect spot to get emails done, refuel and move on quickly.


2. Takk

Awesome spot with a large open room and lots of space and great benches to work on. Very Scandinavian in design and the crowd is very traditionally the co-working hipster.

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1. North Tea Power

Hand crafting excellent coffee from Tib Street, the Northern Quarter in Manchester. Loose-leaf tea, grilled cheese sandwiches, soup, salads and sweet stuff. Great benches to work from and a super bright interior. What more could you want?


Wi-Fi Cities

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