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09th Aug 2019

11 Very Special Dishes That Are Worth Travelling To Cork For


Cork is one of those cities that you could happily eat your way around for weeks.

It’s got vegetarian delights, it knows a thing or two about a savage brunch and has mastered a dessert (or ten).

We’ve whittled it down to 11 of the must-eat dishes worth getting a bite of when you’re in the city. Fat man pants at the ready.

1. Huevos Benedict at Liberty Grill

To be honest, everything on the LB brunch menu is to die for (the French toasts and Irish Eggs Benny are sublime).

The Huevos Benedict makes the list due to its magical avocado and spicy salsa combo on sourdough topped off with free range poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce on the side. Brunch of champions.

Liberty Grill

2. Sober Lane’s wood fired pizzas

Order a few beers, watch the match, kick back and THEN order every one of the pizzas on the menu here.

They’re freshly made and covered in delicious things. A must-eat, believe us.

Sober Lane

3. Rocket Man’s falafel

This salad bar has become a Cork obsession over the last couple of years.

Think healthy freekeh, hummus, protein balls and – of course – one HELL of a falafel salad. There are two branches in the city, so no excuse not to hit Rocket Man up.

Rocket Man

4. The Farm Gate’s bread & butter pudding

The sweet offerings change daily at this gorgeous café homed in the loft of The English Market.

If you can get your hands on a wedge of their coveted bread and butter pudding you’re singing. Its hearty gooeyness is best washed down with a large pot of tea, while watching the shoppers flit around the market below.

Farm Gate 2

5. Coqbull’s Don Bulliano burger

Carnivores, you’re welcome. This burger is the stuff of legends in The Rebel County. Bacon, pesto, cheese, meaty goodness in a brioche bun. Need we say more?


6. Market Lane’s butternut & feta gratin

This restaurant is one of our favourite’s in Cork. The menu is always jammed with seasonal dishes that never disappoint.

We’re craving their gratin with sun dried tomatoes, toasted almonds and breadcrumbs and a salad of roast vine cherry tomatoes, courgettes and pickled shallots on the side.

(PS, the cocktails here are mind-blowing.)

Market Lane

7. KC’s chips

Lads, you CANNOT come to Cork without queueing for a KC’s takeaway. It’s a rebel county right of passage. People line up here daily to get a taste of their hand cut chips.

Salt and vinegar those babies and get some curry dip for the full experience. You’re worth it.


8. Café Paradiso’s veggies

And now for something a little fancier. Café Paradiso is one of the country’s most famous restaurants. It’s an award winning, all-veggie affair, but even those who adore their meat come out of here with a renewed enthusiasm for vegetarian eating.

The menu changes all of the time, depending on what’s available locally. Suffice to say it’s all delicious.

Cafe Paradiso

9. Café Mexicana’s nachos

The margaritas here are worth the trip alone, add their loaded nachos in to the mix and you’ve got yourself a bucket list meal in one of the city’s best diners.

Mexican food as it should be.

Cafe Mexicana

10. Electric’s fish

This very cool bar on the banks of The Lee serves up fish dishes with a twist.

Hearty chowders, marinated lobster, sashimi and ceviche devoured on the terrace in the sunshine = happiness.


11. Gino’s gelato

Every good day, date, dinner, shopping trip is finished off with an ice cream from this Italian parlour. Also, gelato is way healthier than ice cream, so really, this counts as one of your five a day.


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